Hi welcome to RideToNirvana. Some things that life has given me and I am so greatful to share them with others. There are somethings that make us diffrent from others and give us our identity ,Then we find people with similar notes and it becomes music. Most of it is dedicated to Himachal , The Himalyas, Rock Music and other things that matter.


Thursday, March 27, 2008

Trying to make some sense of it all.

Still going strong.
the walk on the clouds.
The drip in the rain.
Dreamy days and silver nights.
beyond the way a way there was to paradise and way back again.
life is on and going fast.
Figures going blunt.
Rememering names of known and strangers.
no going back to whats forgotten.
The pain is gone no wounds are for ever.
Nevermind mankind....

Riding the Snake.
Riding the snake back home again,
Still miles to go hope we dont break.
You keep me up il keep my woe.
Is that rain on my eyes.
Dripping down to my knees.
Getting dark not so far I see the light.
Trying not to break on the wet road.
Its over? no it is not.
still miles to go hope we dont break.
Keep the best for the last.
If we could last.
Change some gears get some speed.
Rock till you last....
Rock till you last....