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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Finally Thumbing

I was provably four or five riding with my dad on his Black Enfield HPS - 1988. Sitting in front of my dad with my hands on the cold chrome handle the wind in my face. Its one of the picture that stays with you all your life and never fade away.

I always wanted to own a Royal Enfield just like my dad did, even came close a couple of times but always thought of having faster and more reliable machines. I did and rode them till the limit but by the end of it my heart said Royal Enfield. So finally found the time, money and most important the impulse to buy my own enfield. Last weeks were spent on the Internet finding out facts and figures about the machine and finally decided to buy the Electra 5S that has all the goodies of the classic Enfield and some modern day toys like a electric starter and front disk breaks. I walked up to the local dealer and found that they are short of bikes as the demand for the classic is high. The guy promised me to deliver my bike in ten days so I put down the booking amount. I'm feeling miserable now can wait no more to ride my very own enfield. Hope i don't cry when I take the delivery of my black beauty lol.. Still three days to destiny...

Ride it like you stole it.

Received this note from one of the biggest motorcycle blogs http://davedragon.rilysi.com
This is the best I ever got felt better that I felt after passing college: http://davedragon.rilysi.com/2006/12/ride-to-nirvana.html

It feels good to see that there are more people in the world sharing the same passion and respect for two wheels.