Hi welcome to RideToNirvana. Some things that life has given me and I am so greatful to share them with others. There are somethings that make us diffrent from others and give us our identity ,Then we find people with similar notes and it becomes music. Most of it is dedicated to Himachal , The Himalyas, Rock Music and other things that matter.


Thursday, December 28, 2006

Small Lesson on Off Roading

Watch the Video (Paris-Dakar Rally)


Watch the Riders ride on sand and gravel . Its interesting to see how the rider is able to balance the bike in the sand.

Follow the link and you know how.


Skill 2. Need for Speed.

This is difficult as the natural reaction is to travel too slowly. The track ahead will be covered in loose stones and sand. All you want to do is shut off the gas! Don't do it!! Slow down a little and then just before the loose stuff starts accelerating gently. If the bike twitches and moves around . . . gas it a little more! Once you are through the bad patch you can slow down a little if you want to.

The amount of stability a motorcycle has depends on its forward motion. More speed helps it punch through and over the bad surface. Generally as the bike travels faster and faster you will find that it becomes more balanced, stable and maneuverable. Going too slowly over rough terrain will cause the bike to move around more and perhaps cause you to panic. Within reason therefore go a bit faster than you are comfortable with. Here as some suggestions . . .

• 10 - 40 kph for a trail or path not suitable for ordinary cars

• 40 - 60 kph for a road in poor condition (narrow, with ruts, bends, potholes and loose stones)

• 60 - 80 kph for a typical dirt road (reasonably straight, offering a good line with reasonable traction)

• 80 - 100 kph for a good dirt road (straight, offering a good line with good traction. The verges should be clear of trees and bush because at this speed you do not want an animal to step out in front of you)

Because you need to keep the throttle open when travelling through the loose stuff do not approach bad patches too fast or in a gear that leaves you in the middle of the power band. Choose a lower gear at the bottom end of the power band so that you can accelerate gently!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Confession -- NEVER MIND

I have a confession to make. Everyone has a passion, a dream or something that makes one feel complete. Motorcycling is what works for me. But in a world where existence is an issue we tend to forget our dreams and inspirations.
I have been keeping busy lately. The last time I rode my Bike for fun was maybe two months back. Today I thought of cleaning my bike myself. As I worked on the beauty I was thinking about all the good time we have had together in the last five years.
Then I thought that I have been ignoring it recently and i felt really bad about it. I have been working really hard at work changing jobs and trying to make it big so that one day I can tour Europe on a BMW GS. Again a dream but is it correct to ignore one dream for another ?
Though she is a 180 CC 15bhp machine compared to what most of the world rides but it has given me an identity as a motorcyclist a traveller and it takes me places I feel I have been lucky to have visited(most people don't even have a clue about all the fun). Well from now on I will take time off work or make time on weekends to ride my lovely machine and one day I will Ride To Nirvana on Two Wheels.

Cheers to the spirit of motorcycling.